Established since 2000, the philosophy of The Makeover Inc is based on its founder, Brenda Goh’s simple philosophy that “everyone can look good and feel good”. To her, customised makeovers delivered with passion and attention to detail can achieve this. This is then captured with a great photo shoot that reminds individuals of their potential and how they can look, feel and do with what they possess.

Today, the studio brings exceptional makeover services to clients at affordable prices.


Supported by a strong team of handpicked professionals, customers who use The Makeover Inc’s services can expect:

  • An extensive range of makeover, makeup and hair services.
  • A dedicated team of professional stylists, photographers and digital artists who produce high quality work, tailored to specific needs.
  • A memorable experience with the vibrant and enthusiastic team of professionals who bring out the celebrity in every individual.


Everyone deserves a day when their best is captured. Come embark on the transformative journey with The Makeover Inc. to discover the best in you.

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